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15 November 2007


"Namasthesthu Maha Maye Shree Beede sura poojithe sanga Chakra katha hasthe MahaLakshmi Namosthuthe" - MahaLakshmi Ashtakam

Every day is suitable day to do pooja , but "Vara Lakshmi" pooja day, is the special day to do pooja to her,as said by Divine Mother "Maha Lakshmi", to 'Chandramathi'.
Please,Don't miss to do Pooja on this Holy Day.Allot some times to do pooja/prayer and spent your time preciously with her by speaking to her through your Mind.
I repeatedly remind you the Practical Truth " Only Divine Mother/God has the ability to help us.He/she will help us through other persons or by any means.other things are just tools including humans.Only from our Divine Mother We could get the real Love.But in case of humans,there will be some expectation.No need to hate humans , because 'to err is human'.If you found any good things/character/beauty in anybody,it is a drop of reflection of Divine Mother's great 'Kaarunyam' and 'Good Quality',that is why She is called as;
"Abi Nava Guna Sundhari"
Only our Divine Mother has the ability to cure all sorts of pains and sorrows in our life.That is why she is called as;
a] shubakari b] Sugakari
And, she is the one and only one, who could give Moksham/Mukthi[Free from Pain/sorrow,birth and Death Cycle] and so she is called as;
"Moksha Pradha"
Only She could relieve us from diseases,pains and so she is called as; "Roga Parvatha thambolir"
And her grace is wonderful and surprising, hence she is called as;
"Adhisaya Karuna"
She has enormous Grace on us and She is the only one, who showers her Grace upon us with out any expectation;
"Karunaa rasa Saagara" She is the Beloved Mother of All;So she is lovely called as;
"Shree Maatha"
'VaraLakshmi' Pooja is not only for Married ones ,all of her children has the right to do pooja to her.
Lit the earth Lamp filled with Ghee in the Pooja Room/holy place , because Ghee is said to be 'Lakshmi Amsam'.
I attached Her Graceful,Moon Like Face Picture ,which gives Divine Bliss and Peace to our Mind.
Love Her who really take care on us, till the last breath exist.

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Anonymous said...

very useful mantra! can you please provide mahalakshmi stotram